Let’s talk stress

It seems like somehow with the modern conveniences and technological advancement we have managed to create living and working environments that are not only stressful but also not optimal for mental and physical health. How many people did you hear today complain about being stressed out, feeling overwhelmed, under pressure, unable to cope, anxious, unable to sleep, tense, scattered, tired, forgetful, and unable to concentrate? These are all symptoms of unmanaged stress. The good news is that our bodies have an incredible capacity for self-defense and self-healing.

To ensure survival, the body has developed a system of hormonal defense against stressors. However, without proactive management and some form of natural strategy, the persistent stress and severe and traumatic life events put too much strain on the system and the inner defense mechanisms begin to break down, causing physical, psychological, and physiological imbalance. If other risk factors are in place, the body and mind begin to develop an illness. Stress and anxiety have been linked to cardiovascular disease, cancer, and infectious diseases.

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